Myricom Network Adapters for Finance & Government
Myricom Network Adapters for Finance & Government
Myricom Network Adapters for Finance & Government
Myricom Network Adapters for Finance & Government
ARIA Myricom

Myricom Network Adapters for Finance & Government

The Myricom series of network adapters can provide the ability to improve server and application performance by offloading a variety of server-intensive functions, such as encryption or micro-segmentation. This is in addition to our track record of providing industry-leading timestamping at line rate and with zero packet loss.

Myricom Network Adapters capabilities and benefits:

  • Improve server and application performance by offloading a variety of core-intensive functions.

  • Run native applications, including third-party applications, developed for the Intel x86 processor.

  • Track operations in real-time with less effort and more accuracy, using precise hardware timestamps on both ingress and egress packets.

  • Take advantage of a flexible set of timing features to meet a range of application needs.

The Myricom ARC Series D-Class Network Adapter
A Low-cost, Low-latency Financial Trading Interface.

The D-Class is financial trading’s lowest cost full function 10 GbE network adapter. With DBL, a tightly integrated combination of FPGA firmware and software, the D-Class drives down system-level Tick-To-Trade latency and enables advanced financial trading capabilities.


Bus Interface PCI Express Gen 3, 8 lanes wide
Form Factor All D and E Series ARC adapters are low-profile PCI Express x8 add-in cards that ship with a standard height faceplate installed and a low profile faceplate in the box. C-Class adapters are also available in BladeCenter and PC-104 form factors.
Electrical Power 25 watts or less for all models.
Environmental Recommended that adapters be installed into servers that provide some airflow over the PCIe slots (very common). Use in an office or computer room environment. Rugged variants for telecom or defense applications are available.
Throughput Sniffer10G provides 100% lossless packet capture and injection for all Ethernet packet sizes. Supports the maximum possible 10G packet rate of 14.8 million packets per second.
Timestamp Stability Time stamp stability is determined by the on-board oscillator (a Vectron VT 804 TCXO) or by any optional, user-provided 10 MHz clock. The adapter has a 10 MHz input and repeater for connection with other modules.
IEEE 1588 Myricom time stamps are captured in a manner that allows IEEE 1588 software implementations to deliver highly accurate, synchronized time.
Software Support The Sniffer10G packet capture capabilities can be leveraged through the popular libpcap (Linux) or WinPcap (Windows) library or directly through the Sniffer10G SNF API, which is available as a set of C programming language functions. Using a SNF-aware libpcap/WinPcap, users reference a Myricom ARC Series 10G network adapter through its Ethernet interface name, and can run existing libpcap/WinPcap-dependent applications, relying on libpcap/WinPcap’s portable interface. For more advanced usage, the SNF API can be directly targeted by user applications. In both usage cases, network access via the SNF interface to the ARC Series 10G network adapter, rather than via the standard kernel access, provides higher performance.
Connections C-Class: Dual SFP+ 10GbE ports; 10GBase-T, XFP and CX4 available on some versions. D-Class Dual SFP+ 10GbE ports (configured as dual QSFP with bundled SFP+ adapters) E-Class: Dual or Quad SFP+ 10GbE ports.


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