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ECHO Bridge

Repurpose your existing storage and protect your investment

Recycle and empower your old Fibre Channel or SAS storage with ECHO Bridge, giving users the full blown GB Labs CORE.4 experience. Bridge creates nearline NAS that can backup primary systems or offer additional Tier 2 data storage, whilst providing many new features and services.


Bridge protects your investment by allowing you to build your old storage into your new workflow.


Feature rich operating system full of workflow tools designed for real-world media environments. These work seamlessly in the background allowing you to do what you do best – create.

Platform Agnostic

GB Labs storage is developed for total cross platform compatibility, allowing PC, Mac and Linux platforms to collaborate and share data freely and efficiently.

How ECHO Bridge can help you

For many organizations, Fibre Channel and SAS storage installations have outlived their usefulness as Tier 1 platforms, lacking essential performance and scalability. GB Labs’ ECHO Bridge enables technicians to re-purpose existing shared storage for use as a nearline platform and benefit from the full feature-set of ECHO.

Many users are now migrating to GB Labs' network attached storage for its speed of installation, ease of use and sheer performance. Owners of SAN systems can attach their existing fibre-connected storage system to SPACE networks with the Bridge unit. This instantly enables users to enter the GB Labs environment and share data with users with no need for client updates, specialist adapters, drivers or licences. It also enables administrators to transfer data swiftly and - if required - automatically, with all SPACE network storage devices, with no need for a control PC.


ECHO Bridge offers similar performance to ECHO allowing you to create a cost-effective nearline that can be used to store data, replicate SPACE or other third party storage and can even offer failover editing performance for a small number of users.

Stream counts cannot be guaranteed due to the reliance on the underlying SAS or Fibre Channel RAID.


Ethernet Cards

Additional connectivity can be added to the unit using PCI cards, with options for additional; 40GbE, 25GbE, 10GbE and 1GbE.

Redundant OS

Further resilience can be added by selecting a hardware mirrored OS kit, includes RAID controller and dual SSD.

RAID Controllers

Additional RAID controllers can be added to the unit for more capacity, up to three controllers can be fitted to a single chassis.


Cold Spare Parts

Hardware replacement parts that can be kept onsite for immediate response such as; hard disks, PSU, RAID controller.

Warranty Extension

Total peace of mind can be added with comprehensive Warranty, covering all parts inside the unit and all incremental software updates within that period; three year Warranty (1+2), five year Warranty (1+4).

Network Accessories

GB Labs storage is developed for total cross platform compatibility, allowing PC, Mac and Linux platforms to collaborate and share data freely and efficiently.


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