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As archives grow, ECHO grows. Dynamically, cost-effectively and massively.

Most nearline archive products on the market deliver large capacities, many deliver excellent security and a few provide the speed for multi-stream read / write operations. A handful give you fast and affordable expansion, a minority allow virtually instant scaling over Ethernet networks.

Data security is essential, as is an instantly-available media archive. Our scalable ECHO can fulfil both roles in a state-of-the-art nearline solution. ECHO can be housed locally or remotely, it can provide disaster recovery by replicating your entire Tier 1 media assets. It also has the speed and capacity to hold your growing archive, giving users instant access to every file over standard Ethernet networks.

The ECHO range is a fast nearline storage system for:

  • Fast data back-up
  • Disaster recovery
  • Secondary graphics storage
  • Online media archiving

Rack Based Near Line

Cost-effective, highly expandable and energy efficient near line storage for facility backup and replication. Powered by GB Labs CORE.4, ECHO comes complete with Replication, File Manager, optional CloakDR and more...

Ideal for Render Farms, Disaster Recovery, Digital Shelf and Instant Access media storage.


IDA² / Dynamic Bandwidth / Analytics Centre/ CloakDR / Mosaic


64 - 448TB


Up to 2GB/s

Up to 10PB

Massive tier 2 storage is becoming a vital resource for media organisations that see their primary archive as the heart of their facility. The nearline is treated as the exchange hub where files are imported, backed up, shared, transferred to specialist editing, grading and playout servers, and transcoded for distribution.

Benefiting from economies of scale, ECHO 36 is capable of storing vast amounts of data and is massively scalable. Suitable for broadcasters, large post houses and dedicated media archives that have 24/7 data requirements.


Unique GB Labs technology is available on the ECHO 36 platform, an automatic failover technology for high availability. The unit can be linked to another ECHO 36 on the network (using 10GbE, 25GbE or 40GbE) and present a single virtualized IP address, whilst channeling new data to both units simultaneously and maintaining its ultrafast read performance. For highly resilient deployments switches and clients can also be channel bonded for no single point of failure.

ECHO 36 can therefore suffer complete failure or even removal without serious issue as the secondary system will go live within 10 seconds and any incoming new data will be held and then safely written after failover has occurred.



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