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As archives grow, ECHO grows. Dynamically, cost-effectively and massively.

Most nearline archive products on the market deliver large capacities, many deliver excellent security and a few provide the speed for multi-stream read / write operations. A handful give you fast and affordable expansion, a minority allow virtually instant scaling over Ethernet networks.

Data security is essential, as is an instantly-available media archive. Our scalable ECHO can fulfil both roles in a state-of-the-art nearline solution. ECHO can be housed locally or remotely, it can provide disaster recovery by replicating your entire Tier 1 media assets. It also has the speed and capacity to hold your growing archive, giving users instant access to every file over standard Ethernet networks.

The ECHO range is a fast nearline storage system for:

  • Fast data back-up
  • Disaster recovery
  • Secondary graphics storage
  • Online media archiving
ECHO by GB Labs



Unlike object-based technology which lacks network performance, our ECHO nearline systems run at high speed, vital for broadcasters or post houses working to tight deadlines. As ECHO can sustain multiple streams of HD video, it can even stand in as a failover online platform in the event of central storage downtime.


ECHO products offer large unit sizes throughout the range, none more so than with the ECHO 36 platform with single units offering up to 448TB and total storage expansion available up to 10.7PB (Petabytes).

ECHO 36 EX SAS expansion units can be connected to the ECHO 36 platform to grow the storage dramatically. Unit sizes ranging from 64TB to 448TB can be added quickly and without interruption.

Different capacity units can be mixed and a single volume can grow as your needs require. Data stays in place while dramatic re-sizing can be achieved instantly, eliminating costly down time.


Ethernet Cards

Additional connectivity can be added to the unit using PCI cards, with options for additional; 40GbE, 25GbE, 10GbE and 1GbE.

Redundant OS

Further resilience can be added by selecting a hardware mirrored OS kit, includes RAID controller and dual SSD.

RAID Controllers

Additional RAID controllers can be added to the unit for more capacity, up to three controllers can be fitted to a single chassis.

Cold Spare Parts

Hardware replacement parts that can be kept onsite for immediate response such as; hard disks, PSU, RAID controller.

Warranty Extension

Total peace of mind can be added with comprehensive Warranty, covering all parts inside the unit and all incremental software updates within that period; three year Warranty (1+2), five year Warranty (1+4).

Network Accessories

GB Labs storage is developed for total cross platform compatibility, allowing PC, Mac and Linux platforms to collaborate and share data freely and efficiently.

Explore the ECHO Bridge, ECHO 16 Bay, ECHO 36 Bay and ECHO EX solutions to find the right one for your business needs.

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