Myricom Network Adapters for Video Editing
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Myricom Network Adapters for Video Editing

The exploding volume of data associated with digital content has resulted in an insatiable demand for bandwidth— especially in media and entertainment. You must have 10G network performance to maintain content production productivity. Leading the market since 1994, Myricom adapters are specifically approved for use in advanced video packages, such as Avid ISIS storage systems. They deliver best-in-class performance at a lower connection cost for graphics and video.

The Myricom ARC Series C-Class 10 GbE adapters support faster frame rates and interconnect technology innovations, including Thunderbolt 1 and 2. (This support is an absolute requirement for high-definition 4K video formats.) Specifically, the ARC Series C-Class network adapter features stateless offloads to lower CPU overhead for network operations. It excels in digital workflow environments running on Mac OS X, Microsoft Windows, and Linux-based platforms.

Machine Vision: Enhance performance and lower costs for GigE Vision

MVA software running on a Myricom 10 Ethernet adapters provides a high performance platform for GigE Vision-enabled devices, delivering the lowest processing overhead and latency available for Ethernet-based machine vision applications. Ethernet adapters with GigE Vision hardware acceleration can identify camera frames and transfer them directly into an application’s frame buffers, bypassing the host computer’s networking stack. This significantly reduces the overhead cost of talking to cameras, making more host cycles available for image processing, while also reducing latency and jitter. Load balancing between host CPU cores ensures that the adapter will never get too busy and drop a packet.

Video Broadcast: Cost-effective, full function support of the ASPEN standard

New broadcast applications based on the ASPEN standard will discover performance acceleration and unique capabilities in the ARC Series network adapters enhanced with integrated firmware and software libraries.

The Myricom ARC Series C-Class Network Adapter

A powerful, low-cost option for dropless packet capture, at 10GB line-rate, and low-latency transfer. Appropriate for a number of industries where network monitoring or transactions are critical, including automated financial trading, content creation, and network intelligence. The ARC C-Class provides plug-ins for many popular open-source applications, making it the most popular network adapter in open-source communities. It also works as a standard NIC for applications that do not require packet capture


The C-Class hardware platform is the basis for the industry’s lowest cost packet capture solution, delivering zero packet loss across the full range of Ethernet packet sizes in combination with Sniffer10G software.

A C-Class adapter enabled by Myricom MVA software provides the highest performance solution for GigE Vision capable cameras in machine vision applications. The MVA software accelerates frame receipt and reduces CPU overhead to virtually nothing.
For Automated Trading applications, the C-Class with DBL software drives down system-level Tick-To-Trade latency and enables advanced financial trading capabilities.
For content creation applications and storage connectivity, the C-Class Adapters offer the highest performance in their class. Support for a broad range of operating systems enables the C-Class to be used in all types of solutions.
The cost-effective C-Class module is available in multiple form factors, including low-profile PCIe and PC/104. It supports Windows, Linux and MAC O/S and is compatible with leading Thunderbolt Chassis.


Bus Interface PCI Express Gen 3, 8 lanes wide
Form Factor All E Series ARC adapters are low-profile PCI Express x8 add-in cards that ship with a standard height faceplate installed and a low profile faceplate in the box. C-Class adapters are also available in BladeCenter and PC-104 form factors.
Electrical Power 25 watts or less for all models.
Environmental Recommended that adapters be installed into servers that provide some airflow over the PCIe slots (very common). Use in an office or computer room environment. Rugged variants for telecom or defense applications are available.
Throughput Sniffer10G provides 100% lossless packet capture and injection for all Ethernet packet sizes. Supports the maximum possible 10G packet rate of 14.8 million packets per second.
Timestamp Stability Time stamp stability is determined by the on-board oscillator (a Vectron VT 804 TCXO) or by any optional, user-provided 10 MHz clock. The adapter has a 10 MHz input and repeater for connection with other modules.
IEEE 1588

Myricom time stamps are captured in a manner that allows IEEE 1588 software implementations to deliver highly accurate, synchronized time.

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