Myricom solutions for Cyber Security
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Myricom solutions for Cyber Security

Complete Packet Capture for Cost-Effective Network Monitoring

The Myricom Sniffer10G technology powers the Myricom ARC Series of network adapters for packet capture, empowering advanced network monitoring and security applications at scale without unnecessary costs.

Sniffer 10G is optimized for network monitoring and security applications and is designed for organizations looking to implement pure packet capture. It gives users the choice of advanced capabilities as well as the efficiency that comes with leaving the vast majority of server cycles available for other operations. It can even support open-source packet-capture application tools.

Efficient, Reliable Packet Capture
Efficient, Reliable Packet Capture

Get the Most Out of Your Many-Core Processor

With flexible partitioning capability, Sniffer10G can involve all CPU cores in analyzing packets. Application developers can partition the packet flow across up to 32 rings using pre-built rules, or they can implement user-defined rules with the Sniffer10G API, balancing flows across multiple cores.

Support for Open Source Software

Sniffer10G is also enabled with support for open source packet capture application tools, including the standard Linux utility (tcpdump), network protocal analyzer (Wireshark), network intrusion detection systems and security network monitoring (BRO IDS, Snort, Suricata, Splunk, etc.), and the PF-RING™ packet capture network socket.

Timing Accuracy

Sniffer10G’s ARC Series adapter hardware enables a set of advanced timing features, including timing synchronization, PPS and 10 MHz daisy chaining, and support for Arista Networks DANZ timestamping.

Benefits for pcap Users

By simply changing the linking library, users of libpcap and WinPcap can leverage Sniffer10G, gaining big benefits for packet-capture applications. To simplify the implementations, Sniffer10G-capable libpcap and WinPcap libraries are included with the Sniffer10G software distribution.

Three Advantages for Pure Packet Capture

Sniffer10G delivers on the three requirements for pure packet capture:

  1. Zero loss:

    Research has proven Sniffer 10G’s zero-loss performance across a range of Ethernet packet sizes. It bypasses the kernel and sends packets directly into user space, leveraging a “ring” that can expand to any size. You define the ring size to match your application.

  2. Highly accurate timestamping:

    Our Myricom ARC Series of network adapters support packet capture and timestamping at up to the maximum possible rate of 14.8 million packets per second on each 10 GbE line.

  3. Essential packet capture functions:

    Sniffer10G supports time-based merge, filtering, and load balancing. These functions can all be implemented with flexible application control using the Sniffer10G API, or one of the industry-standard libraries (libpcap, WinPcap, or PF_RING).

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