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Powerful, intelligent and easily scalable media storage for demanding workflows.

Content creation teams can work on files and projects together for complete creative freedom. With SPACE storage, Mac, Linux and Windows clients have simultaneous access to projects while administrators can specify users’ access rights, storage quotas and permitted bandwidth.

SPACE was designed to be easy to install, maintain and upgrade. IP connectivity means that dial-in support can address any issues remotely – anywhere in the world. Data transfers are swift using 1Gb, 10Gb, 25Gb, 40Gb and 100Gb connections, especially when moving data between tiers of GB Labs’ units where our system intelligence and workflow efficiency comes to the fore.


Portable SSD

Work in the highest resolutions with extreme performance from GB Labs’ MiniSPACE pure SSD NAS for massive shared work groups and DPX work flows; supporting formats up to 8K.

Ideal for Cinematographers, Editing, Audio, Animation and VFX.

CORE.4 Black 

Powered by CORE.4 OS

Unify Hub Compliant copy 1



IDA²/ Dynamic Bandwidth / Analytics Centre / Mosaic


3.8 - 240TB


Up to 3GB/s

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