Digital Asset Organisation: Mosaic, CORE 4.O and Core Lite Released

Digital Asset Organisation: Mosaic, CORE 4.O and Core Lite Released

The new Mosaic automatic asset organiser from GBLabs was released in Singapore at BroadcastAsia, along with the new CORE.4 OS software.

Mosaic is an all-new, highly intuitive, automatic asset organisation system that combines GB Labs’ already intelligent storage with additional AI that together provide a vastly enriched way to search for and retrieve media. By automatically scanning and intelligently tagging all metadata, Mosaic makes it easier – and much faster - for users to find exactly what they are looking for.

Alexei Mazin, MD of Distributor Eureka Pacific says, "Mosaic is a giant leap forward for MAM because of its metadata tagging and AI functions. Hours spent searching files is reduced with these capabilities."

CORE.4 and streamlined CORE.4 Lite are high-performance, custom storage operating systems specifically designed to serve media files with GB Labs’ additional intelligence layer for unrivalled stability and quality of service, no matter how many users are on the system.

They also feature the Analytics Centre, an easy-to-read dashboard that continuously analyses and displays an accurate, easy-to-understand overview of network parameters, including real-time speed and data consumption.

Co-Founder of GBLabs Ben Pearce said, “The main cause of slow read/write speeds are misconfigured internal networks. Those issues can be difficult to locate and resolve with manual monitoring and intervention. Analytics Center automatically identifies potential problems and where to find and fix them. Moreover, it anticipates and identifies problems that may occur.”

As a further bonus, both CORE.4 and CORE.4 Lite include Mosaic software as standard.

“All of our products offerings are designed from the start to put users in control, and I look forward to demonstrating that at BroadcastAsia,” concluded Pearce.

GBLabs was featured by reseller TechTel.