Staminus adopts Myricom® Sniffer10G Adapters for DDOSs

Staminus adopts Myricom® Sniffer10G Adapters for DDOSs

Staminus Communications provides a unique patented hybrid layer 3-7 tap-based Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) solution. A solution that scales horizontally and features global threat intelligence, unrivaled response time in stopping DDoS attacks and centralized management for both cloud and appliance-based implementations.

The Staminus code stack supports dynamic workload mobility from the customer’s on-premises cloud to Staminus IP backbone public hyperscale cloud, providing fully automatic and scalable global DDoS mitigation. All the software is developed in-house, starting with the core security engine (SecurePort) to UI/UX via a client portal. This enables them to mitigate tens of thousands of attacks per week, for thousands of customers and clients from over 100 countries. All types of industries choose Staminus to safeguard their mission-critical services, and in varying sizes.

Staminus is the only global DDoS mitigation network that also develops their own software technology and hardware appliances. Optimizing price and performance enables Staminus to provide low entry cost solutions while being able to scale for the largest installations. A key to this solution is CSPi’s Myricom 10G network adapters in combination with Sniffer10G software.


Staminus needed to analyze efficiently and quickly. These challenges are often in contention with each other, and as such made choosing the appropriate hardware very di cult. Staminus needed a platform that would e ectively support all their goals without imposing limitations in any category. Ease of implementation was another important factor as meeting their aggressive time to market goal was key. It was for these reasons Staminus selected CSPi’s Myricom Products.


Staminus developed their own SecureShield DDoS mitigation applicance using CSPi’s Myricom® 10G-PCIE2-8B2-2S network adapters and Sni er10G lossless packet capture software to achieve reliable line rate performance. This implementation was ideal for handling the heavy tra c load in real-time meeting their stringent monitoring and migitation goals.


The CSPi Myricom platform provides line rate packet analysis with an associated set of tools that allows Staminus to develop their security system in line with their series of goals. It also o ers future proo ng and the ability to grow into much larger data rate analysis with backward compatibility.

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