Korea's DigitalDS Goes Large On Storage

Korea's DigitalDS Goes Large On Storage

South Korea’s Digital Daesung (DigitalDS) provides online education courses as well as delivering offline education programs for students ranging from primary to high school. The company also offers college entrance test preparatory courses, testing, e-learning, and college admission advisory services.

As demand for its services grew, resulting in a larger volume of content being handled, DigitalDS found that existing hard disk drive (HDD) became increasingly difficult to work with. The company began to look for a solution that would offer more flexibility and make real time editing and conversion less of a challenge.

DigitalDS approached RealTecBridge, GB Labs’ local partner in Korea, and after an in-depth assessment of the technology available on the market, DigitalDS chose a combination of GB Labs technology to meet its storage needs. A key factor was that GB Labs solutions were cost-effective and easy to install, maintain, and upgrade, but still delivered the level of performance that DigitalDS wanted.

The new DigitalDS set up comprises the SPACE scalable media storage, which allows its production team to work collaboratively on files and projects for complete creative freedom. A FASTNAS F-16 NitroMAX gives DigitalDS a hybrid storage solution optimised for AV usage and low latency response, offering the capacity and cost benefit of hard disks combined with the performance and responsiveness of flash. Expansion is made simple with the addition of FASTNAS EX. DigitalDS also deployed GB Labs’ Echo36 storage to meet its need for reliable back-up. Specifically designed for broadcasters, post houses and media services with 24/7 data requirements, each unit offers up to 448TB, with total storage expansion available up to 10.7PB.

RealTecBridge Manager Jeyeong Jeon comments: “We needed to deliver a solution to DigitalDS that would support its operations, was cost effective, provided high levels of performance and rock-solid reliability. GB Labs was the clear choice to meet all these requirements.”

GB Labs was the obvious choice for our requirements because they understand the needs of content creation workflows,” says Hyunju Lee, Team Manager at Digital Daesung.

“Not only are the systems easy to use, but they have the necessary bandwidth to support the large volume of content that we produce, plus all the performance and speed we require at an attractive price point.”

Thanks to the new installation, DigitalDS has seen increased efficiency across its workflow. The new system also enables greater collaboration and sharing of assets between members of the content team along with seamless real-time editing and file conversion. DigitalDS’ new set-up can also handle large capacity, reliable back-ups through Echo36. As an added benefit, the GB Labs storage integrates easily with DigitalDS’ existing editing system.

Hyunju Lee concludes, “As our workload increases, we are finding that we can do tasks that we just could not handle previously. Our GBLabs storage has not only allowed us to expand our capability, but it has given us much more creative freedom.”

Images courtesy: Digital Daesung and GBLabs.